Ask the experts: How can a survey help my IT to be more efficient?

Posted by Ruth Reinicke on November 19, 2015
leanIX is well known for its lean information exchange in a distributed environment. We are always striving for innovation that supports our efforts to improve your communication and collaboration. Our Survey Add-On does not sound like an innovation at first, but if you think about its different use cases you will soon become intrigued.

First of all, why do we offer this as an add-on and not as an integral part of the EAM tool leanIX? Pricing is the best answer we can give. Every customer is different and not all companies would consider using a survey to inform people or for data gathering. While it is not an essential part of an efficient EAM tool, it can be a very useful functionality to support it.

What are the use cases behind the development of the Survey Add-on?

We developed this feature jointly with some of our customers based on their real use cases. One of our customers saw the necessity to gather data about security compliance topics such as password rules. Another one wanted to gather Fact Sheet data on a regular basis for a defined set of recipients e.g. all Application Owners for Applications that are used in Spain. Another customer wanted to announce important changes to business owners. Instead of creating different loosely connected spreadsheets, which need to be sent via email, the leanIX Survey Add-on is seamlessly integrated with leanIX. We made it easy to create and run surveys without the need of complicated programming.
Rumors say that other tools provide similar features but we made ours different. It is a three step approach to design, run and analyze a survey. Define your survey with a few clicks, some drag and drop and a little editing of your questions. In a second step you define who you want to send the survey to. Lastly run the survey and let leanIX do the work for you. leanIX will send out the emails with a link to the survey, monitor its progress, and update the data in the selected fields. When everything is done, you can finish the survey run and download results in a handy Excel file or you can see every single answer in the affected Fact Sheets.

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