Learn About Microservices at EA Connect Day 2017

Posted by Ruth Reinicke on September 26, 2017

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This coming November, LeanIX is hosting the 4th annual EA Connect Day. Amongst the many topics covered, Microservices will take the center stage, and could be one of the most important takeaways for your organization.

What are Microservices?

The microservices style of architecture develops complex application software from small, individual applications that communicate with each other using language-independent interfaces (APIs). Companies run into trouble if they are unable to scale monolithic architecture that has developed over time, if their architecture is difficult to upgrade or maintenance becomes too complex. Microservices can be the answer to this problem, as they break down complex tasks into smaller processes that work independently of each other.

Why should EAs know about Microservices?

Microservices architecture allows for an agile approach to software development, allowing for small, individual independent applications to communicate with each other using APIs. This, in turn, allows for increased speed to deployment, scalability of applications and rapid testing.

The EA of the tomorrow must not only be aware of the availability of industry relevant APIs, microservices, and emerging database technologies; but it is also imperative to exhaustively understand how a proposed service might improve or negatively impact the company. Successful EAs of the future understand the importance of staying abreast of Microservices, which has been proven to  save companies time and money, and open up unlimited possibilities.

Benefits to implementing Microservices

  • Autonomous Deployments
    Simple bug fixes, adding a single new field to an already-running application, or changing one particular component of a service are a few of the many benefits of Microservices.  A decentralized method of creating and maintaining applications means fewer down times, quicker iterations, and a more flexible landscape.

  • Culture Shift
    Microservice architecture embeds a culture of freedom, responsibility, autonomy, inclusivity, deep communication, and fast iteration.

  • Technology Diversification and Conflicting Dependencies
    Applications on monolithic frameworks are developed in one stack, and in one specific language. Under the microservice approach, you can pick the best technology for specific features without running into stack or language issues.

  • Reduction in IT Cost.
    Shifting to Microservices can cut costs in many ways. Read the many ways in this article.

  • DevOps
    Microservices increase the productivity of DevOps as they include a common toolset that can also be used for development and operations.

Features of Microservices:


Potential Challenges of Microservices:

There are potential challenges of introducing a microservices architecture, and it is imperative choose a well-thought out plan to refactor monolithic applications to microservices.  

Microservices Talks at EA Connect Day -

11:30 | Panel: Microservices

14:00 | World Café: Hot topics in Enterprise Architecture

15:30  | Microservices Case Example