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A Community of Collaboration: Highlights from EA Connect Day 2020

Over 1,700 experts in the fields of enterprise architecture (EA) and IT management registered for LeanIX’s virtual EA Connect Day, held May 20, 2020. The conference marked the largest of its kind with attendees from all over the world coming together as a community to hear our featured speakers who spanned the globe. 

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Performing Integration Architecture for CIOs, Business Partners and Operations With LeanIX

Integration Architecture is a core use case of LeanIX, and as discussed already in recent blog posts, the API economy and cloud-based migration strategies have necessitated that Enterprise Architects use data-driven methods to carry out its practices in real-time degrees of certainty.

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How to Shape and Execute IT Strategies With Enterprise Architecture

Recommendations on performing Integration Architecture and Interface Modeling with a Data Flow Visualizer


Let’s talk concretely about one of the LeanIX functionalities often used by customers to integrate software landscapes and manage interfaces: the "Data Flow Visualizer". We'll frame the discussion using a 2018 LeanIX EA Connect Days presentation on this exact subject by Dominik Rose, Head of Special Projects at LeanIX, to address the following:

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