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Become an Enterprise Architect of Tomorrow: Part 2

In the previous installment of this series, we detailed a few top traits that Enterprise Architects of the future should have to bring measurable value to their enterprises. This last installment  includes more traits, and actionable tips on how to develop and implement said traits. 

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Become an Enterprise Architect of Tomorrow: Part 1

The enterprise architect (EA) profession is making major waves. The demand for the EA skillset is up an astonishing 26% from 2016, making it the fastest growing sought-after skillset in technology.  A recent KMPG study reports that big data, analytics, business analysis, and enterprise architecture are the most in-demand or fast-growing skills - yet six in ten respondents consistently report a technology skills shortage. 

How can you sharpen your skills and become a highly valuable EA of Tomorrow?  Follow this blog series to learn the five most important traits that high performing EAs of tomorrow must possess. The series will also cover actionable tips on how to develop and apply said traits. 

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The Path from Developer to Solutions Architect

Due to the increase in demand, developers may want to grow on top of their skills to advance to other roles to become System Architects. There are many reasons to move from developer to systems architect - pay increase, a natural development of career path, or just to try something different. One role is not better than the other; as both roles are integral to the success of a software company.

But with any position, it is imperative to learn new things to grow and strengthen your knowledge, increase your value and diversify your CV.

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Transforming Enterprise Architecture for Digital Empowerment

The term ‘digital transformation’ has swept the IT world, provided the basis for worried chatter in C-suites, and has preempted the birth of numerous competing start-ups while legacy companies fall behind in confusion. How can Enterprise Architects(EAs) use digital transformation as digital empowerment?

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Microservices Will Prepare Your Enterprise for IoT

By 2020, every single product and service will have artificial intelligence components. New types of networks are being developed in order to meet the changing demands brought forth by digital transformation. For example, The 5G network -expected to be fully operational by 2020 - was designed with IoT and the increase velocity of data sharing in mind.

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Enterprise Architect vs Domain Architect vs Developer?

In a previous blog post, we compared the difference between Enterprise Architects vs Solution Architects vs Technical Architects.  In this article, we will discuss the main differences between an Enterprise Architect, a Domain Architect, and a Developer.

Where does the line of demarcation stand?

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[Case Study] From Business Capability Model to Value.

In the fifth blog of our series "Business Capabilities: How to win the digital age with a common language for Business & IT", we will review three case studies on how to go from a business capability model to value.

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7 Applicable Ideas to Improve Your Enterprise Architecture

By now we know that Enterprise Architect (EA) roles are imperative to a forward thinking enterprise. EAs often find a challenge with applicable ideas to organize their enterprise architecture.  Below are 7 useful ideas to organize your Enterprise Architecture:

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Breathe Life Into Your Business Capability Model: Show It at Every Opportunity.

In the fourth blog of our series "Business Capabilities: How to win the digital age with a common language for Business & IT", we will explain how to give life to your business capability model.

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Why Business Capabilities Make Life Easier

In the second blog of our series "Business Capabilities: How to win the digital age with a common language for Business & IT", we will explain why business capabilities make life easier.

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