This was the week in Enterprise Architecture #21/2017

Posted by Ruth Reinicke on May 29, 2017


Enterprise architects are the company's heart when it comes to digital transformation. Literally, EA are rather bridges between business and IT. They enable to align IT strategies, technologies and processes with broader business goals. No wonder EA are as valuable as ever for companies. But progress in the development of Artificial Intelligence is also valuable for businesses. Therefore it is hardly surprising that Bitkom predicts an almost 100% growth of AI this year. What might be surprising is that Germany outplays the USA in terms of AI.

I Enterprise Architecture

No way goes past an enterprise architect

The digital transformation cannot be stopped anymore. Thus IT-strategies, technology and business processes need to be aligned. But who can handle such complex tasks? Enterprise architects. If you want to know why enterprise architects are so valuable, keep reading here.

The place to be: EAMKON 2017

On May 30th to June 1st experts from the architecture environment will discuss new solutions and trends for efficient and uniform architecture management. For more information just click here.

II Trending

Germany leads the field of AI

The digital association Bitkom predicts that the AI market will grow 92 percent  this year - and Germany even one-up the USA according to Salesforce. Keep reading here for more information about the Salesforce´s survey.


III Technology

Faster, better, DevOps

Faster market launches, better quality and more harmony between the developer- and admin-teams. There seems to be no legit reason not to improve processes with DevOps. Here five tips how to implement DevOps in your company.

IV Also interesting

Do you know..?

Are you passionate about enterprise architecture? Are you completely into the topic? Than you can find out here what you know about these modern architecture trends.