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How Harry's Leverages Visibility to Drive Growth and Lower Costs


Personal Care


New York City, USA

Number of Employees



  • Complete visibility into their software tech stack, including the identification of 153 previously unknown SaaS applications
  • Realized tangible ROI, including savings of 18% on SaaS expenses annually
  • Expanded usage of LeanIX SaaS Intelligence during first two years by scheduling and keeping track of SaaS contract renewals

The Challenge

To manage SaaS and its contracts during rapid growth

Harry’s set out to build a modern, omnichannel men’s care brand intent on disrupting a legacy industry. To do this, they needed to be faster, more efficient, and more data-driven than their competitors.

This meant that Harry’s needed to actively adopt and leverage technology to create their differentiated offering. Ultimately this pro-technology mindset led to rapid growth and rapid expansion of SaaS, sprawling throughout the company.

Rapid growth left the IT team with the challenge of managing and supporting their growth while still maintaining budgets, ensuring compliance, and driving adoption.

To achieve these business objectives, Harry’s needed full visibility into what software they had, where they had it, the spend tied to it, and the compliance of those applications.

"We were looking for a way to gain control and get visibility into our SaaS spending. LeanIX gave us a peek under the covers in one unified view and helped us budget SaaS tools for the year."

Chris Beck,
Harry's Global Head of IT

Chris Beck

The solution

LeanIX SaaS
Intelligence tool

To get an accurate and complete picture of their software stack, Harry’s leveraged LeanIX’s proprietary connectors to their SAP and Concur instances as well as SSO into their 12 bank and credit card accounts to find shadow tech and previously unknown software purchases.

This led to Harry's achieving full visibility by leveraging LeanIX’s industry-leading list of direct integrations, each providing unique and deep analytics on usage, adoption, costs, and more.

“We continue to expand our usage and are now also using LeanIX to help us schedule and keep track of contract renewals. ”

Chris Beck, Harry's Global Head of IT


Harry’s leverages LeanIX to rightsize contracts, accurately forecast budget, and correctly map their SaaS estate. These capabilities and insights have resulted in systems and processes that easily scale up or down with the business’s needs.


the success

Complete software
tech stack visibility

Since implementing LeanIX, Harry’s has gained complete visibility into their software tech stack, including the identification of 153 previously unknown SaaS applications.

This visibility, coupled with the unique application insights LeanIX SaaS Intelligence provides, enables Harry’s to accurately track spend, compliance, usage, adoption, contracts, and more. With LeanIX, Harry’s has realized tangible ROI, including savings of 18% on SaaS expenses annually.

Enlightened with visibility, empowered by insights, and armed with recommendations, the IT team now has the capabilities needed to efficiently scale up or down with the business’s needs.

Harry's continues to expand its usage and now uses LeanIX SaaS Intelligence to help schedule and keep track of contractor renewals. The result? Harry's reduces its IT spend by eliminating license entitlements and SaaS waste.

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