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Establishing a Single Source of Truth


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Key Highlights:

  • Retiring legacy spreadsheets with intelligent SaaS to track cloud software subscriptions
  • Implementing Data-driven decision-making across SaaS spend, usage, and utilization
  • Establishing a single source of truth for SaaS landscape across Procurement organization

Customer Session at LeanIX Connect Summit Europe 2022

Experience Personio’s Head of Procurement share their LeanIX SMP journey

As Procurement Team Lead at Personio, Nils Brauckmann, is responsible for sourcing, and financial planning and implementation of projects across various categories.

As an advocate of technology and innovation, successful digital transformation within Procurement is a critical requirement for Brauckmann.

“In procurement, we strive to enable different business units to fulfill their purpose.”

Nils Brauckmann,
Head of Procurement, Personio

Nils-Brauckmann Personio

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