Deliver better experiences

Your customer and employee experiences are all determined by software. LeanIX shows you the status, adoption, and impact of all the software you buy, rent and build so you can continuously create experiences that count.

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Improve customer and employee journeys

Context is critical for software-driven experiences.

Connect people, data, and architecture

You can only improve the status quo of your software estate if you know about all the roadblocks that get in the way of your customer and employee journeys.

Enterprise Architects can shape better experiences by mapping data flows and showing where they break. An intuitive interface drives better input and collaboration, which improves the quality of your data and gives a mutual understanding of where critical improvements can be made.

Empower your employees to get the SaaS they need

Ever wondered why teams want to buy new SaaS solutions when your portfolio is already extensive and spending doesn’t stop? Forget guessing, start knowing.

Automated SaaS discovery gives IT and Software Asset Managers transparency across the SaaS landscape. It helps increase efficiency while continuously providing a highly productive workplace without complex purchase processes, giving your business everything it needs to focus on growth.

Give your engineers total system transparency

It becomes increasingly complex to navigate your software architecture with a growing, loosely-coupled microservice portfolio.

Free up your developers’ time and relieve their cognitive load by using a service catalog. The result? Developers can work more efficiently and ship reliable products for customers faster.