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5 Key Views for SaaS Spend Optimization

There's an app for (almost) everything, making SaaS a critical part of your continuous transformation strategy. But as organizations keep moving into the cloud, it’s important to maintain software subscription value beyond initial adoption. This poster provides 5 key pointers to help organizations secure a better return on their SaaS investments by:

  • Maintaining holistic visibility of the organization's SaaS portfolio
  • Leveraging application engagement analytics to maximize utilization
  • Categorizing SaaS services to reduce overlap
  • Personalizing views to detect redundancies
  • Setting up a renewals timeline for proactive SaaS contract management


One of the core SaaS management objectives is optimizing software subscription costs by rationalizing spending. You can make this a reality by leveraging SM platforms to make both SaaS usage and spending visible – improving cost accountability, streamlining overlapping services, and scaling and downsizing subscriptions.

Download the poster and learn how to unlock more value from your SaaS portfolio.