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6 Steps to Optimize SaaS Productivity and Security

Up to 50% of an organization’s SaaS portfolio can operate unknown and be non-centrally managed. But attempts to control SaaS shouldn't prevent teams from acquiring or accessing superior software. This poster offers a 6-step process for:

  • Automating discovery for full SaaS visibility
  • Scheduling SaaS risk assessments
  • Implementing SaaS buying and renewing processes
  • Analyzing SaaS application usage
  • Continuously monitoring and reviewing SaaS applications
  • Evaluating and rationalizing SaaS applications


CIOs and CFOs require automated and versatile solutions to embrace business-led IT — the likes of which complement enterprise architecture (EA), DevOps, and cloud management tools.

By combining elevated SaaS management approaches with application portfolio management, businesses can drive accurate budget forecasting and robust security, efficient user lifecycle management and contract consolidation, and stronger overall security enforcement. Doing so also has the potential to save enterprises $1.2M a year in application costs. 

Download the poster and learn how to drive better SaaS productivity and security.