Free White Paper

A Guide to Managing Cloud Tagging Policies

A white paper from LeanIX and CLOUDETEER showing:

  • The benefits and challenges of tagging cloud resources
  • Practical methods for setting up and maintaining tagging policies
  • Ways to collaboratively organize tagging throughout organizations
  • How LeanIX Cloud Intelligence supports the governance and implementation of cloud tagging policies


Understand cloud landscapes with tagging

Though venturing to the cloud, spinning up virtual machines (VM), provisioning storage, and running applications or other workloads takes only a matter of minutes, companies risk not being able to understand which resources are used for which objective and how each ties back to the business.

A well-defined and consistently implemented cloud tagging strategy helps categorize cloud resources by owner, environment, and other values necessary for evaluating decentralized landscapes according to precise business requirements. These policies are also essential for enabling Cloud Centers of Excellence (CCoE) to perform cloud governance.

Use this white paper to educate your teams on tagging policies and how to use LeanIX Cloud Intelligence to better utilize and manage cloud resources.