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How AMAG Prepares Their SAP Landscape for the Digital Age

AMAG has been shaping the Swiss Automotive Industry since 1948.

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Today AMAG are responsible for 30% of the country’s car imports and are one of Switzerland’s best known brands. To facilitate an efficient management of the entire supply chain from car supplier to car dealer they operate a large, complicated SAP-based IT landscape with multiple SAP instances and clients, SAP industry solutions as well as self-developed and third-party add-ons.

This complex landscape helps them to handle 85,000 cars imported annually, 100,000 leasing contracts and 120,000 different spare parts. But it also ties up resources and imposes serious technology risks as well as detracting attention from the vital challenge of getting ready for the digital age.

Learn more about the achieved results:

  • Full transparency on SAP landscape based on SAP Solution Manager integration
  • Reconciliation of SAP and non-SAP application landscape
  • Collaboratively maintained, high-quality EA data platform
  • Preparation for transformation towards next-generation SAP architecture (e.g. HANA)
  • Basis for innovative, fast-paced IT besides the SAP core