Digital means designing for change

Transformation is a journey, not a destination. For many this means a paradigm shift in their thinking and approaches. It requires a move away from thinking of transformation as projects, programs and initiatives.Instead it requires you to instil a culture of continuous change, to focus on setting a “North Star”, then providing your teams with the training and tools to innovate. But beyond that you of course need to set them free—free to explore, to make mistakes and to learn—without fear of failure or old school constraints.

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Digital means designing for change

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  • Digital Means Designing for Change

  • Which approach to digital have you taken?

  • Third wave of digital in logistics drives greater innovation

  • You can analyze the past, but you need to design the future

  • You need to take an integrated approach to managing portfolios 

  • Your world is becoming more complicated every day

  • Democratize Your Efforts for Maximum Impact

  • Five tips to help you in designing for digital change