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How Helvetia Successfully Consolidated Two IT Landscapes in the Nationale Suisse Merger

Helvetia has a long tradition: In over 150 years, it has grown from a number of Swiss and foreign insurance brands.

At the beginning of 2014, Helvetia joint forces with the former Nationale Suisse insurance company.

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In the post-merger, IT had to balance multiple priorities: Firstly, they needed toensure business as usual operations.

Secondly, they had to combine the IT departments of the former Nationale Suisse and the "New Helvetia".

And lastly, they needed to provide IT support for the integration of all business processes.

Learn more about the achieved results:

  • Single source of truth for strategic IT management decisions
  • Identified Million Euro synergies due to reduced IT redundancy
  • Faster start of IT projects, reduced setup effort
  • Shared EA responsibility with central governance
  • Established Technology Standard catalogue