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How to Enable Business-Led IT through SaaS Management

SaaS makes business-led IT possible. SaaS management makes it...manageable!

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How to Enable Business-Led IT through SaaS Management

Business-led IT, driven by the appeal of SaaS, is the future of technology purchasing. But it can’t happen without robust, automated SaaS management. SaaS helps the business meet tough challenges. But it also can lead to excess costs, security risks, and compliance failures. Only a business-led IT approach – supported by a SaaS management platform that provides comprehensive visibility into your SaaS ecosystem – will allow your company to realize the value of SaaS and optimize your technology landscape.

In this paper, you will learn:

  • How the rise of SaaS has driven business-led IT
  • Why companies confuse business-led IT with shadow IT
  • How proper SaaS management unleashes the value of SaaS
  • 6 steps to implementing a SaaS management (SM) practice