Master GDPR Compliance With Enterprise Architecture

In this video we cover how an Enterprise Architect can contribute to the GDPR. 

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The EU-GDPR is already here. A current Gartner study shows that around 50 percent of all organizations do not fully meet the new EU Regulation by the end of 2018. In order to ensure that your company is successfully prepared for integrating the GDPR, you will need exact information on which data your company stores and processes.

It is precisely the quality and complexity of their data that may become data protection pitfalls for companies, as they often do not know which personal data are processed where. In those cases, a good Enterprise Architect can be the key to compliance.

In this short video tutorial we will

  • focus on capturing relevant data and best practice GDPR reports in LeanIX.
  • We are covering some of the aspects an Enterprise Architect can contribute,
  • give a quick overview about how to maintain GDPR related data and
  • show relevant out-of-the-box reports in LeanIX.