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Optimize SaaS Contract Management for Cost Savings and Increased Agility

What do you need for effective SaaS contract management? Hint: It’s not spreadsheets or CLMs.

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Read now to learn how you can:

  • Aggregate all SaaS contracts into a central repository
  • Track contract renewal dates from a single place and automate renewal alerts
  • Identify multiple purchases of a single application 
  • Find overlapping contracts and capabilities
  • See how many licenses are outdated or unused
  • Compare and analyze usage costs by department or individual user

Keeping track of an ever-growing number of SaaS contracts can be challenging, and most companies fall short. In fact, studies have shown nearly one-third of SaaS software spend is wasted annually.

How can an enterprise waste a third of its SaaS spend every year? The fact is that most organizations either use manual spreadsheets or contract lifecycle management (CLM) systems to track and manage their SaaS contracts. But spreadsheets and CLMs are not optimal for SaaS or the broader goal of cost savings.

This white paper reveals how to adopt a modern, holistic approach to SaaS contract management based on visibility, automation, and intuitive visualization.

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