How Enterprise Architecture Management Paves the Way Into the Cloud

 Cloud has become a key determinant of IT and business strategy.

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“In 2020, a No-Cloud policy will be as rare as a No-Internet policy today”

As a part of digital transformation clouds offer a lot of business-enabling benefits and opportunities. Increased time to market due to shortened development cycles, ability to scale at demand, dramatically increased assets utilization, reduced operational expenses and easier handling for IT staff are only some of the benefits.

Cloud paves the way to the new service driven business models, which allow to create high business value and new level of customer satisfaction while reducing cost at the same time, all by leveraging software and data in a programed, automated manner. Infrastructure has become an enabling service, rather than an expensive asset. Cloud has therefore become a key determinant of IT and business strategy.

Crisp Research found that over 60% of companies are planning to heavily intensify the usage of cloud solutions. However, complex business landscapes and fast changing infrastructure, which includes legacy as well as modern state of the art systems, may become a serious obstacle on your way.

The purpose of this white paper is to propose clear steps how Enterprise Architecture can drive cloud transformations in Corporate IT.