SAP and LeanIX

Navigate your Intelligent Enterprise journey

Confidently navigate your intelligent enterprise journey by aligning business and IT with the combined power of Enterprise Architecture Management and Business Process Transformation.

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Change intelligently

Successful transformation – executed in scope, on time, and under budget – calls for a comprehensive overview of the entire IT and business process landscape. Combining LeanIX and SAP helps companies map their enterprise architecture, SaaS, and microservices landscape to critical business processes, providing greater transparency, efficiency, and control.

Making “impossible” transformations possible

"Without the support of LeanIX, a cost-efficient and smooth transition from our old landscape to the new SAP S/4HANA software landscape would not have been possible."

Oliver Dawid, IT Enterprise Architect

Driving modernization with a single source of truth

"It’s hard to move to a better operating model if you don’t know what you’re actually doing or how things work today.
By establishing systems of record around process, technology, and business capabilities, Travis Perkins has laid the groundwork for true IT modernization."

David Crooks,
Enterprise Architect

Translating cloud strategy into action

“Thanks to LeanIX, we have steadily elevated our EA practice, making it an integral part of the strategy-to-execution process. By connecting company objectives and business capabilities to the technology supporting them, LeanIX allows us to translate corporate strategy into executable building blocks and then prioritize them.“

Marco Michel,
Head of Enterprise Architecture

Intelligence for the entire transformation team

Building a bridge between operations and innovation

"LeanIX Enterprise Architecture Management enables us to collectively understand the as-is state, for both the SAP and non-SAP landscape, making it easier to define a plan that gets us to the desired state."

Jochen Fauser, Partner | Technology Strategy & Transformation

Creating competitive business models

"Designing and delivering a strategy to optimize value is challenging. The combination of EY, SAP, and LeanIX is helping businesses to take bold actions that enhance their growth opportunities and reframe their futures."

Mark Saul, Associate Partner | People Advisory Services

Premium certified as an SAP endorsed app

LeanIX Enterprise Architecture Management’s certification reflects the advanced levels of security and enterprise-grade readiness.

SAP Endorsed App

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