Lean Apps

Certified Partner

Lean Apps is a UX design and custom software development company with SPEED as its value proposition. They are able to take an idea to an app in just 8 weeks - leveraging practices such as Design Sprints, Lean UX, Agile and DevOps. They also leverage the repository of their re-usable components and microservices to boost the SPEED of development.

They have developed 100 apps for customers such as Bayer, BMW, Allianz, Flixbus and BMG. They build mobile apps, web apps, chat-bots, voice assistants, blockchain and AR/VR products. They also provide DevOps and Splunk services.

For Lean IX customers, Lean Apps will provide all the custom integrations that are required with the LeanIX tool - from connecting your internal IT systems to the cloud, to creating custom reports, to creating chatbots that communicate with LeanIX.