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Learn why market leading brands trust in the capabilities of the enterprise-ready LeanIX platform. LeanIX is ISO 27001 and SOC II Type 2 certified with highest standards for security and data privacy. It is a true cloud native SaaS using state-of-the art processes and tools to ensure high SLAs.

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Cloud Governance

As organizations grapple with managing the hundreds of accounts running in their cloud environment, the need to establish comprehensive governance for the cloud is now at the forefront of IT architecture.

LeanIX Cloud Intelligence provides rapid visibility into all cloud environments for efficient governance led operating models.

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How it Works

Automatic Discovery of Cloud Environments

LeanIX Cloud Intelligence Module provides technology leaders with instant visibility across all cloud providers to ensure reliable and secure, compliant operations. With fully-automated reporting capabilities, you can dynamically identify vulnerabilities, mitigate risks, and validate your infrastructure against established best practices.

  • Cloud-Centric Data Model
  • Out-Of-The-Box Reporting
  • Powerful Insights

Simplify Cloud Management Complexity


Cloud Portfolio Management

Rapidly Identify & Visualize Relationships

Gain actionable insights into all AWS, Azure, GCP components to effectively track and optimize your cloud footprint.

  • What cloud components are in use from AWS, Azure, and GCP?
  • How do they relate to your applications?
  • Which services, accounts, subscriptions, or resource groups are in use?

Cloud Sourcing

Centralized Management to Reduce Administrative Overheads

Instantly get a complete overview to centrally manage your cloud environment.

  • Which cloud services are used in which regions?
  • Which data centers are used by 
which cloud providers?
  • How are tech categories supported by different cloud components and providers?

Cloud Spend Management

Optimize Cloud Costs for Higher Efficiency

Leverage the power of end-to-end automation to simplify cloud cost optimization and drive higher accountability through transparency across the enterprise.

  • What is the cost contribution of each cloud component type?
  • How have the cloud costs evolved over time?
  • What potential issues are most likely to affect availability?

Cloud Security & Compliance

Unmatched Transparency for Continuous Governance

Effortlessly detect and prioritize violations that affect your cloud landscape and stay ahead of your compliance mandate.

  • Which violations exist across geographies?
  • What are the key trends in the warnings and how are they distributed?
  • What are the potential issues most likely affecting availability?

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