Cloud Intelligence

Cloud Intelligence (CI)

Gain control over your multi-cloud environment


Automatically discover and catalog cloud services

Increase cost-efficiency and compliance by establishing a trusted public cloud service catalog. Cloud Intelligence helps you visualize cloud environments to better organize, manage and scale cloud landscapes.

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Gain up-to-date visibility

  • Automatically capture all public cloud services across Logos: aws, azur, Google Cloud
  • Instantly understand your cloud's business context and compliance posture
  • Monitor aggregated cloud KPIs to evolve your cloud footprint

Establish developer-friendly governance

  • Build a system of record for desired tagging policies
  • Automatically detect violations and quickly identify account owners for the resolution
  • Ensure consistent tagging to leverage Infrastructure as Code processes

Showback cloud spend

  • Get accurate views of what you are paying for and how it supports your business
  • Eliminate waste and increase cost-efficiency
  • Identify value-adding products and services and streamline your cloud spend
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See Cloud Intelligence in action

Centralize overviews of your cloud infrastructure to see what is running where, who owns it, and how it supports your business.


“LeanIX Cloud Intelligence helps us connect our operational architectures to our strategies while combining numerous management disciplines like project management and information security.”

Danny Worm Enterprise Architect, Gruner + Jahr



Cloud Intelligence

Pricing is based on the cloud spend under management you imported from your AWS, Azure, and GCP environments into LeanIX.

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