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How much can you save with LeanIX EAM?

LeanIX Enterprise Architecture Management helps you gain real-time visibility of your IT landscape and business capabilities to transform productivity and accelerate business transformation.

Please enter your variables into the ROI Calculator below, and we’ll provide you with an indication of the potential savings that LeanIX EAM could bring your organization.


Your savings
$1,164,970 / year
$3,059,577 / 3-year projection
$21,496 Streamlined IT reporting
$80,974 Faster project starts
$1,062,500 Optimized application portfolio

Potential Savings

Streamlined IT reporting

after 1 year $1,062,500
after 3 years $1,062,500

LeanIX EAM is a trusted, single source of truth for your complete IT landscape. By leveraging many out-of-the box integrations and open APIs, you can quickly import data into your EA repository, automate data synchronization, and link any custom tool to LeanIX. The intuitive UI, rich set of collaboration mechanisms (like Surveys, Quality Seals, Subscriptions), and the unlimited user policy enables everyone in the organization to collaborate in LeanIX EAM, further enhancing the data quality.

As a result, you can avoid manual data collection, access relevant information faster, and significantly reduce the time spend on reporting. You will also be able to significantly reduce the number of ad hoc questions and requests from different departments. This will free up resources so you can focus on strategic business decisions.

Faster project starts

after 1 year $1,062,500
after 3 years $1,062,500

Using LeanIX EAM as the single, comprehensive view into your IT estate will drastically reduce the time for project preparation, allowing your team to accelerate decisions and project starts.

Optimized application portfolio

after 1 year $1,062,500
after 3 years $1,062,500

Using LeanIX EAM, you can identify redundant applications and help plan their retirement and replacement, optimizing and consolidating your application portfolio.

We based these ROI calculations on our extensive experience working with customers. Please use them only as a rough guide. A comprehensive ROI calculation would require a deeper understanding of your specific use cases and costs, among other factors.