Saas Intelligence

SaaS Intelligence (SI)

Optimize cost and productivity of your SaaS

Integration with all leading financial, expense, contracts, HR, and Single Sign-On systems helps you to quickly and continuously discover applications while providing real-time visibility into the organization’s entire SaaS ecosystem.


Integrations with over 4000 vendors

With more than 4000 integrations to leading SaaS vendors, you'll instantly gain deep insights to track and measure if SaaS subscriptions are actually being used and delivering value to the company.

A fully automated SaaS management solution


Discover & manage all the SaaS you own

  • Get real-time and full visibility into your entire SaaS stack to accelerate time-to-value with actionable insights
  • Identify and eliminate shadow IT, duplicate licenses, and redundant SaaS contracts
  • Manage and view your organization’s entire SaaS stack in a single pane of glass

Identify savings & optimize your SaaS costs

  • Drive accountability and assign ownership to understand your SaaS spend and eliminate waste
  • Negotiate contracts with vendor price benchmarks
  • Plan ahead to stay in budget with monthly reports and contracts timeline renewal calendar

Track usage & improve adoption

  • Get detailed usage information for each SaaS application to measure software utilization by department
  • Use the insights to control SaaS spend, rightsize your SaaS subscriptions, and understand user adoption
  • Allocate right number of licenses and ensure optimal usage

Determine compliance exposure & mitigate risks

  • Discover and track services in your SaaS stack to ensure compliance for GDPR, SOC2, and other regulatory requirements
  • Remove security threats, secure access to your data, and deprovision licenses to eliminate risk of unauthorized access.
  • Track SaaS vendors that comply with your organization's policies.

Trusted by

Lynn Johnson

“LeanIX SaaS Intelligence helps us make sure people are buying SaaS tools that aren’t redundant or overlapping, and figure out if there are any security risks with SaaS vendors.”

Lynn Johnson Director of Business Systems



SaaS Intelligence

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