Value Stream Management (VSM)

Build resilient software based on contextual transparency.

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What could you achieve if your developers didn’t waste time duplicating their efforts?

Your go-to place for all services, APIs, libraries, software products, and teams.

LeanIX Value Stream Management (VSM) promotes developer autonomy by aligning engineering teams with a centralized service catalog. Comprehensively understanding all your services encourages reuse, reduces duplication and facilitates faster response to vulnerabilities. Streamlining DevOps processes frees resources to focus on continuous innovation.

LeanIX VSM Overview

Create complete transparency across your DevOps toolchain to drive ownership, API maturity, and software supply chain security.

Discover all services and APIs in a catalog

  • Connect your favorite engineering tools to build a real-time, detailed inventory of your services
  • Instantly identify the teams responsible for them, the products they support, and the APIs they use 

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Safeguard your software supply chain

  • Enrich the service catalog by ingesting SBOMs created in the CycloneDX format

  • When vulnerabilities are publicly disclosed, immediately determine the scope of their impact on your service landscape  

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Understand the business context of services and libraries

  • Quickly uncover which services use vulnerable libraries and which teams manage them

  • Understand vulnerabilities on the product level to distinguish mission-critical risk from acceptable risk

Gain more value from SBOMs


Continuously improve engineering efficiency

  • Track and assess team performance levels based on DORA metrics

  • Establish baselines and uncover trends to inform better decisions and drive positive change

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Share data with the Enterprise Architecture team

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Interactive Product-Tour

See how LeanIX VSM supports your DevOps teams

  • Give your DevOps team a go-to place for services, libraries, and APIs
  • Connect identified vulnerabilities to products and teams for faster resolution
  • Measure the efficiency and stability of your software delivery based on DORA metrics
  • Know which risk to accept and which to eliminate in your software architecture


Pricing is based on the number of services to be managed.

You will only pay for services discovered by VSM.

  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited repos
  • Service & API catalog
  • DORA metrics
  • Unlimited open-source libraries



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