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LeanIX Cloud Native Suite

Smart Governance for the Agile DevOps Cloud Native World

From Visibility to Governance and Business Agility

LeanIX Cloud Native Suite

One solution for an automated and comprehensive view of multi-cloud environments at an enterprise scale.

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Accelerate Multi-Cloud Visibility and Governance

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Automated Multi-Cloud Transparency

Gain instant visibility across all cloud providers to ensure efficient, reliable and secure operations.


Take Back Control Through Automatic Discovery

Leverage Technology Business Management (TBM) framework and optimize your cloud vendor-specific services.

Single Source of Truth

Break data silos and establish one shared view for all stakeholders on your entire cloud Infrastructure.

Head Starts Through Accessibility

Improve productivity with instant access to the relevant data instead of tedious research across many different sources.

Maximize value from cloud while ensuring Compliance

Governance & Risk Detection at High Deployment Speeds

Tame complexity and seize control over your cloud environments.


Identify Risks, Vulnerabilities and Exposures

Detect and prioritize violations that affect your cloud landscape.

Stay Ahead of Your Compliance Mandates

Validate architecture, infrastructure, and deployments against established best practices.

Streamline Costs in Cloud

Instantly identify redundancies and optimize your cloud spend.

Fostering Agile Innovation

Business Visibility to Microservices Deployments

Obtain a 360-degree view inside your containers and accelerate your release cycles.


Enterprise-Grade Automation

Extract Microservices information from Kubernetes environments (e.g., OpenShift, Amazon EKS, or Giant Swarm).

Enable Lightweight DevOps Governance

One place to easily access ownership, technology standards, and development best practices.

Align Business and Technology Dependencies

Stay in control of your environment and deliver continued innovation.

Cloud Data Model

LeanIX’s out-of-the-box data model enables Cloud Native use cases including Visibility, Governance, and Cost Management across all cloud providers.


Instant visibility into your multi-cloud environment through automated data import to your LeanIX workspace.


Gain complete insights about all AWS environments.


Rapidly visualize and stay on top of all Azure resources.


Manage all GCP components with a bird's eye view.


Integrate into Kubernetes Environments to extract Information on Clusters and Deployments.



Navigate and Explore Like Never Before

LeanIX Smart Xplore™ functionalities provide rapid navigation, intelligent personalization, and seamless exploration within all our solutions. Scaled for enterprises and with the efficiency to match.

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LeanIX Enterprise Architecture Suite

Get an aggregated view of your cloud environment and connect it into the existing IT Landscape.

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