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Learn why market leading brands trust in the capabilities of the enterprise-ready LeanIX platform. LeanIX is ISO 27001 and SOC II Type 2 certified with highest standards for security and data privacy. It is a true cloud native SaaS using state-of-the art processes and tools to ensure high SLAs.

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Microservice Intelligence

Tame your DevOps complexity


Start building your trusted
microservice catalog

Automatically discover metadata from your DevOps toolchain and build a central microservice catalog to increase developer productivity and ensure software reliability. You’ll always know what’s running where, who deployed it, and how it supports your business.

Companies trusting in LeanIX

ll-One Main Financial

Create full visibility

  • Automate your documentation by extracting relevant metadata from your CI/CD pipeline and Kubernetes
  • Create a knowledge base storing information on ownership, dependencies, and libraries
  • Understand your product service availabilities and shorten incident response times

Allocate resources efficiently

  • Monitor deployment frequency, MTTR, and failure rates of all your products easily
  • Identify unreliable services and their implications
  • Balance reliability improvement vs. new feature investments

Reduce risk and set up governance

  • Map libraries and versions to your microservices
  • Identify and prioritize patches to reduce open source library vulnerabilities
  • Ensure compliance by detecting and removing copyleft licenses
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See Microservice Intelligence in action

Build trust by providing access to automated microservice documentation. Facilitate knowledge exchange and self-education without creating overhead for your developers.


“The transparency created by Microservice Intelligence helps us to efficiently implement our cloud migration strategy.”

Heinrich Fritzlar Head of Group Application Development, NÜRNBERGER Versicherung



Microservice Intelligence

Pricing is based on the number of microservices with out-of-the-box connectors to Kubernetes, Jenkins, and GitHub Actions and Open Shift.

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