User Role

VP/Head of Procurement

SaaS Management Platform enables procurement teams to implement effective policies by proactively discovering and managing SaaS applications, and leveraging deeper insights to better negotiate renewals and optimize SaaS spend.

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The two hardest things to budget for are headcount and software. LeanIX SaaS Management Platform has removed a huge planning load for us. To support our growth, we developed a software approval committee made up of finance, infosec, contract management, and data insights leaders. SMP, with its renewal notifications and recommendations, often guides the agenda for meetings

VP of FP&A

Get granular data

Get granular data to uncover insights on SaaS application usage and adoption

Indentify cost-saving

Identify cost-saving opportunities and make accurate annual software forecasts

Take control over contracts

Take control over contracts and renewals to keep SaaS costs under control

Gain complete visibility into your SaaS ecosystem

  • Automate the discovery of your entire SaaS estate with direct integrations to accounting, expense, financial, and credit card providers
  • Centralize your SaaS portfolio for comprehensive assessments, actionable insights, and more operational efficiency
  • Future-proof your SaaS stack with new applications via direct integrations to 4000+ vendors

Rationalize and take control over software spend

  • Identify which applications and dependencies to retire, renew, or expand
  • Explore opportunities to streamline applications or consolidate the use of common technologies
  • Assess realized value by creating clear links between usage, spend, and business outcomes
  • Map each SaaS application to the correct budget line(s) and departments

Plan your renewals proactively

  • Optimize your usage by removing or repurposing unused licenses
  • Review application categories and proactively handle near-term renewals
  • Set alerts for each SaaS application to ensure renewals aren’t overlooked
  • Negotiate better SaaS contracts with accurate usage and adoption insights