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IT & Software Asset Manager

SaaS Management Platform enables IT and Software Asset Managers to increase productivity and SaaS adoption by managing usage rights, optimizing utilization, and rightsizing to deliver assured costs.

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We were looking for a way to gain control and get visibility into our SaaS spending. LeanIX SMP gave us a peek under the covers in one unified view and helped us budget SaaS tools for the year. We continue to expand our usage and are now also using LeanIX SMP to help us schedule and keep track of contract renewals. In addition, we are reducing IT spend by eliminating license entitlements and waste

Global Head of IT

Gain 100% visibility

Gain 100% visibility into your SaaS landscape

Faster time to value

Faster time to value with a guaranteed reduction in SaaS spend

Instatly monitor compliance

Instantly monitor compliance across your SaaS portfolio

Complete overview of your SaaS landscape

  • Discover your entire SaaS landscape with direct integrations to accounting, expense, financial, and credit card providers
  • Effectively manage SaaS applications, spend, and usage across the organization
  • Improve security and risk management by uncovering business-led IT

Discover and monitor SaaS applications

  • Detect SaaS applications purchased outside of official IT procurement channels
  • Identify all idle, underutilized, and redundant SaaS applications
  • Forecast and align your SaaS portfolio with business and IT strategy

Track and manage your SaaS spends

  • Get granular data into application usage and consumption patterns
  • Review usage of applications with overlapping departments
  • Easily repurpose unused and underused SaaS application licenses

Effectively manage employee onboarding and offboarding

  • Easily manage the entitlement and provisioning of SaaS licenses
  • Provide quick access to software tools to streamline provisioning workflows
  • Identify ex-employees who still have access to systems and sensitive data

Improve security and governance

  • Track compliance status and ensure data is always protected against unwanted exposure
  • Identify which SaaS applications are non-compliant and pose a security risk
  • Ensure application compliance with CCPA, GDPR, ISO 27001, PCI, and SOC2

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