User Role

SRE & DevOps Engineer

Value Stream Management automates service documentation so that SREs and DevOps Engineers can focus on improving service reliability, resolving incidents faster, and rolling out updates confidently.


With LeanIX, we can easily navigate our > 200 production APIs, helping us reduce duplication of work to zero and understanding up- & downstream impacts leading to a substantial decrease in MTTR.

Donovon Simpson, Software Engineer OneMain Financial


Onboard engineers in less than 4 weeks by providing a self-service knowledge base


Resolve incidents faster and deploy services more confidently by knowing their impact


Reduce duplication of work to zero by sharing service insights via domains

Self-discover APIs

Easily search & find APIs available for consumption, the data objects they hold, ownership and dependencies structures, versions, applications using them and runbooks.

Promote service ownership

Be accountable for operating your services and always know their reliability posture by monitoring respective SLIs, SLOs, and error budgets.

Analyze production outage impacts

Understand up-& downstream dependencies, review failure rates, and decide whether to roll out new features or focus on improving reliability.

Enhance testing

Identify which APIs to include in your end-to-end tests and the form of testing they require.