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API & Service Catalog

Managing microservices is a complex process. It's challenging to keep track of the many APIs, let alone identify their dependencies and monitor and improve key deployment metrics.


LeanIX Value Stream Management automates service documentation – freeing up your DevOps teams so they can resolve incidents faster, conduct thorough impact analyses, and avoid architecture drift.

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Navigate your service landscape

Establish a central service catalog by discovering services, teams, OSS libraries, and vulnerabilities across your DevOps toolchain.

  • Code repositories like GitHub
  • CI/CD pipelines like GitHub Actions, Azure Pipelines, GitLab, and Jenkins
  • Add custom integrations using our APIs

Understand runtime environments

Know in which cloud environments services are hosted and how much spend they incur by extracting information from Kubernetes clusters and public cloud footprints like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.

Make APIs accessible

Share your API catalog with DevOps teams and non-technical stakeholders to promote reuse and standardization.

Enrich your service catalog with discovered APIs from MuleSoft Anypoint Exchange and OpenAP/Swagger.

Promote full-service ownership

Uncover actionable insights – such as business and technological context, ownership, deployments, and metrics – to more efficiently manage your service landscape.

Provide end-to-end visibility

From products to services and teams, understand the dependencies across your product architecture and share this knowledge across departments.

Perform instant impact analysis

Analyze up- & downstream impacts of software vulnerabilities by querying the service catalog to locate affected services and responsible teams. Centralize the tracking of the mitigation progress.

Benefits from the LeanIX customer base


Provide instant visibility into 200+ APIs and 100+ Microservices


Speed up time-to-resolution by 30% by identifying affected services, responsible teams, and monitoring the mitigation progress.


Eliminate duplication of work by sharing knowledge throughout your organization.

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