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Cloud Governance

As cloud adoption moves towards ubiquity, staying atop complexity remains a challenge. Therefore, understanding the business context of consumed cloud services becomes essential to make better decisions and ensure the cost-effectiveness of multi-cloud environments.


LeanIX Cloud Intelligence provides Cloud Centers of Excellence and business owners automated visibility to monitor and govern cloud landscapes without compromising speed and autonomy.

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Create transparency into your multi-cloud

Run daily scans to effectively track and optimize your cloud footprint.

  • Which services are used from AWS, Azure, and GCP?
  • In which geographical regions are they located?
  • How much spend incurred over the last months?

Make tagging policies visible

Track consistent usage of tags to set your cloud resources into business context.

  • Which tags are essential and what naming conventions exist?
  • What best practice tags are recommended?
  • What is the scope of optional tags?

Identify risk and improve your compliance posture

Detect policy violations and address account owners with actionable insights for remediation.

  • Which accounts display highly critical violations?
  • What impact do the violations have in the context of the business?
  • Which team owns an account to initiate resolution?

Securely govern and scale your cloud footprint

Keep track of used cloud assets and continuously optimize your cloud landscape.

  • How does the cloud spend evolve over time?
  • Which teams and products are responsible for cloud spend?
  • What is the progress on implementing consistent tagging?

Benefits from the LeanIX customer base


Save >100k$ cloud cost in the first 6 months by uncovering idle cloud resources


Reduce manual reporting effort by 90% when analyzing >200 cloud accounts


Ensure consistent and standardized tagging within 60 days

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