Contextualize software development operations

Engineering Efficiency

Do you want to accurately measure and improve your software delivery performance? You need more than one-off metrics and spreadsheets decoupled from context.


LeanIX helps engineering teams increase transparency and optimize software delivery efficiency using Accelerate (DORA) metrics so you can achieve better business outcomes.

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Connect with GitHub

Leverage the out-of-the-box DORA calculation by aggregating change and release events from GitHub or writing your own custom integration.

Alternatively, connect your own code repository and CI/CD pipeline and configure custom incident events.

Generate analytical insights

Accurately understand velocity and stability on team and software artifact level.

  • Deployment Frequency
  • Lead Time for Changes
  • Change Failure Rate
  • Time to Restore Service

Get a grip on performance

Discover how you compare to industry peers with our opinionated badges indicating elite, good, ok and need focus performers.

Improve efficiency and effectiveness

Iterate and improve metrics, or sense dips in performance early on and provide developer teams with the knowledge to mitigate them.

Benefits from
the LeanIX customer base


Provide instant visibility into >200 APIs and >100 Microservices


Speed up time-to-resolution by 30% by identifying affected services, responsible teams, and mitigation progress.


Eliminate duplication of work by providing knowledge throughout your organization.

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