Data & Integration Architecture

Getting intuitive overviews about data flows is very important in the age of data-driven IT.

LeanIX Diagrams let you explore your Applications, Interfaces and the protocols used to exchange data. Inspect the Data Objects and answer daunting questions about the CRUD operations involved.

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Integration Architecture Management Fundamentals

Requirements for Browsing Data Flows


Applications manipulate Data Objects with CRUD-operations while providing and consuming interfaces. These relations, and especially their affected interfaces, allow you to follow the movements of data between Applications.

All interconnected Applications and their interfaces can be maintained with the intuitive UI of LeanIX or simply imported via Excel or the LeanIX Open APIs.

Gain Insights

Pick and Choose the View You Need

LeanIX allows you to select different views for each and every Report.
This enables you to closely manage how your data is exchanged and used by your Applications and Interfaces.

What the Community Has Built

Available on the LeanIX Store


This Data Object List Report displays the usage type of Data Objects for Applications. Which allows the user to see, which Applications handle which type of data with which permissions. The most common use case is GDPR, where it is highly relevant to know where and how personal data is handled.

Data is the new oil

Inspect How Your Data Flows