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SaaS Contract Management

SaaS contract management plays a crucial role in IT cost optimization initiatives as overspending on unused or redundant SaaS licenses and unneeded services is a major source of avoidable waste in IT spending.

Story Background

A rigorous SaaS contract management program, supported by the right solution prevents surprise renewals and helps negotiate better terms for new contracts and contract renewals.

Benefits of data-driven SaaS contract and renewal management program


100% visibility over all your contracts in a trusted system of record


Up to 30% cost savings from proactive negotiations and renewals


Up to 50% faster procurement and renewal decisions

Make informed SaaS procurement decisions

Take control of your SaaS contracts. Effectively negotiate contracts for new SaaS purchases and renewals based on real usage data and historic spend.

Gain complete visibility into your SaaS contracts

  • Consolidate your contracts in one system of record for streamlined tracking
  • Easily search, sort, and filter contracts based on attributes such as discovery source, provider, contract type, and business owner.
  • Define and track additional information for all contracts using custom fields

Effortlessly add and manage contracts

  • Add new contracts with pre-defined data fields using an easy-to-use interface, via Excel or flat file import
  • Improve data accuracy for contract values using multi-year and multi-currency functionality
  • Gather input for renewals from all relevant stakeholders through targeted alerts

Keep track of committed spend

  • Ensure data completeness through continuous addition of new SaaS contracts
  • Track changes to committed spend with realtime updates as contracts are added
  • Visualize the impact of prospective and anticipated future contracts on committed spend

Proactively manage contract renewals

  • Leverage the contract timeline to keep track of all upcoming renewals
  • Track contracts based on contract type to quickly identify key milestones on the timeline
  • Customize views using filters to instantly surface important contract details such as start dates, end dates, and contract value.

Create a Single Source of Truth for SaaS Contracts

Import existing SaaS contracts into SMP and add new contracts over time to build a complete repository


Add contracts directly

Select a service and leverage our easy-to-use UI to add a contract


Import contracts via .xlsx

Import contracts for multiple services using our Excel template


File-based contract discovery

Upload a file export from your contract management system to add contracts

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