Use Case

SBOM to improve
software supply chain security

Story Background

Nowadays, applications are more assembled than built. Understanding and addressing the risk hidden in used open-source libraries is challenging. Hence, software supply chains can be alarmingly fragile.

Mandated by the US government for all its software vendors, a Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) aims to increase cybersecurity and helps DevSecOps better understand which software components their applications rely on. Yet, to achieve these goals, SBOMs must be viewed in the context of business operations, calling for a solution that emphasizes interoperability, ease of use, and fast time to value.

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Cut down time to respond from days & weeks to minutes

Transparency for thousands of libraries put into service & team context

100% SBOM coverage for custom-built software


Safeguard your software supply chain with an SBOM-backed service catalog

Enhance visibility into the software supply chain

  • Automatically ingest SBOMs from CycloneDX
  • Quickly contextualize SBOMs by linking them to your teams, services and product(s) relying on these services
  • Efficiently consume the direct and transitive relations of software components in your inventory

Speed up response time

  • Easily query vulnerable libraries
  • Identify susceptible services and the teams that own them
  • Use tags to recommend remediation activities and rate the vulnerability 

Collaboratively address open-source software risk

  • Highlight open-source software risk at the product level that’s based on missing library information
  • Surface the open-source software risk of self-build software across the application landscape by aggregating data to LeanIX EAM 

Manage open-source risk of your application portfolio

  • Identify business capabilities supported by applications with high open-source software risk
  • Leverage these insights for your rationalization and governance processes

LeanIX VSM offers engineering leaders confidence by contextualizing open-source software risk and its associated impacts so they can efficiently prioritize remediation efforts.

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