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Service Catalog

Automated transparency is the starting point for value stream optimization.
The Service Catalog provides a clear and precise inventory of an organizations’ services, which can be further expanded to understand any dependencies and risks, from both a technical and business operations perspective.

Service Catalog

LeanIX Value Stream Management (VSM) automates service documentation, freeing up your DevOps teams so they can resolve incidents faster, conduct thorough impact analysis, and avoid architecture drift. VSM accelerates the new joiner onboarding experience, increases cross-team visibility and fosters an ownership culture.

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Stay on top of your service landscape

Establish a central Service Catalog by discovering services, teams, libraries, and vulnerabilities across your DevOps toolchain. Leverage our APIs to easily add custom integrations.

Provide end-to-end visibility

From products to services and teams, easily understand the dependencies across your product architecture and share this knowledge across departments.

Use our GraphQL API to export data from the Service Catalog and seamlessly embed VSM into your DevOps toolchain.

Establish a focused catalog

Map data sources from multiple systems to specific services and create a 360 degree view.

Avoid clutter by simplifying your Service Catalog view to focus on relevant information.

Understand your runtime environments

Know in which environments services are hosted, whether they are tagged correctly and how frequently they are deployed.

For example, by extracting data from your Kubernetes clusters.

Promote full-service ownership

Uncover actionable insights for each service, such as business and technological context, ownership, deployments, and metrics, to efficiently manage your service landscape.

Assess and improve the quality of your Service Catalog

Glance at a central view of your overall workspace health, including a snapshot of your Integration status and Service Catalog quality, providing the ability to focus in on where further attention is required via your next most valuable step link and generate value based on available health data points.

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