LeanIX Cloud Native Suite

End-to-End Visibility from On-Premise to Multi-Cloud

In this personal demo you will: 

Talk to a LeanIX expert about your specific cloud transformation needs and see a live product demonstration.

See how easy it is to:

    • Gain multi-cloud visibility
    • Find hotspots to optimize cloud costs 
    • Benefit from a well-governed cloud infrastructure 

Do you want to start now?

”LeanIX helped us on our way to get an overview of our SAP landscape and a shared understanding of where to head within a couple of weeks.”

Andreas Puke, IT Architecture Manager AMAG

„Understanding the inventory of what you have and what it does is gold. I‘ve never worked in a place that has a tool to do that. It‘s always in spreadsheets, in Visio, and in people‘s heads. There needs to be a better way.“

Infrastructure COO, Financial Institution

„LeanIX meets the needs of EA professionals, performing very strongly in the areas of both performance management and technology asset management.“

Gordon Barnett, principal analyst at Forrester