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Insight, Communication, Engagement: How EA Supports Change Management

5 Steps to Holistic Change Management in ERP Transformations

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ERP transformations bring a host of organizational changes, including disruptions in workflows, complex dependencies, and new learning curves. Overcoming these challenges requires holistic change management.

This white paper explains how to make change management part of your ERP transformation in a thoughtful, collaborative way that results in faster time to value, less risk, and higher ROI. It explores the 5 critical steps to change management in any ERP transformation project, and how the right EA tool can provide the insight and information you need to tackle them successfully:

  • Identify and Engage All Stakeholders
  • Articulate the Vision and Bring Everyone On Board
  • Form Cross-functional Teams and Keep Everyone on the Same Page
  • Implement Enablement Programs
  • Communicate and Celebrate Milestones 

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