An agile framework to implement TOGAF® with LeanIX

TOGAF® is one of the most popular EA frameworks today, and many organizations consider it to be the de facto standard.

Find out how to implement TOGAF® quickly and efficiently with a lean Enterprise Architecture tool.

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An agile framework to implement TOGAF® with LeanIX

TOGAF® provides a toolkit of best practices, processes, principles, rules, guidelines, and techniques for Enterprise Architects which should be applied in a pragmatic way to create value for your business. In this poster, you will learn how to:

  • Prepare the organization for a successful Enterprise Architecture project. Define the architectural vision, scope and identify relevant stakeholders.
  • Describe the baseline architecture, develop a target architecture and analyze gaps. Select the relevant viewpoints for stakeholders.
  • Identify projects to effectively deliver the target architecture. Develop a detailed implementation and migration plan.
  • Govern the implementation status of initiatives in regards to architecture conformity. Actively manage the change management process and trigger new projects.
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