Application Rationalization Questionnaire

Application rationalization begins with asking the right questions to obtain the right data.

Application Rationalization Questionnaire

Application sprawl can cost millions, pose security and compliance risks, and make organizations less agile. Achieving your company’s operational and financial goals calls for continuous application rationalization. The benefits of application rationalization include:

  • Cost savings – Eliminate redundant or unnecessary applications
  • Better resource allocation – More budget for innovation
  • Improved efficiency – Streamline your portfolio to optimize business processes
  • Enhanced security – Better define and manage your application perimeter
  • Increased agility –Pivot quickly while freeing up resources for strategic innovation.

But to realize the benefits of application rationalization, you need to do it the right way. That begins with collecting the right data.

This questionnaire provides a structured approach to collecting the essential information required for effective application rationalization.

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