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Applying the Gartner TIME Framework for Application Rationalization

Gartner’s Proven Method to Maximize the Value of Your Application Landscape

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The Gartner TIME (Tolerate, Invest, Migrate, Eliminate) framework is the industry standard for planning and executing an application rationalization. It is a proven methodology for maximizing the business value of your application portfolio.

The TIME framework categorizes your applications into one of four quadrants:

1. Tolerate – Accept the application in its current state for the time being

2. Invest – Prioritize gaining maximum value from this high-priority application

3. Migrate – Work on finding a better application to fulfill the business need(s)

4. Eliminate – Remove the application, as it is not needed

This e-book explores all four quadrants of the Gartner TIME framework and the most important considerations for each when categorizing your applications. It also reveals best practices for managing applications after they have been placed into the framework and planning your roadmap to optimal application rationalization.

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