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Create an Application Modernization Road Map

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Application modernization is the process of updating and transforming older software applications to align with newer development approaches and deployment methodologies. It improves efficiency, performance, security, and agility.

However, application modernization projects can easily get stalled. Why? Because they involve a multi-step process that requires deep insight into your enterprise architecture.

This whitepaper reveals how to create the actionable road map you need to drive and support your application modernization every step of the way. It details the key phases of application modernization and highlights the role that EA plays in ensuring success. Read now to learn how you can:

  • Categorize all your apps according to the AWS 6R framework – Replace, Re-architect, Re-platform, Rehost, Retain, Retire
  • Translate 6R assessments into actionable plans
  • Organize modernization actions into sequential waves to determine order of operations
  • Evaluate multiple possible modernization scenarios and visualize the impact on your enterprise architecture at defined milestones
  • Continuously track the results of your app modernization and identify ongoing modernization opportunities in the future

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