IDC surveyed 450 enterprises across the globe about their approaches, challenges and roadmaps with Application Rationalization and Portfolio Management.


of organizations admit their current capabilities to manage their application portfolio are suboptimal


of organizations recognize issues in their app portfolio that drive overspending


of organizations indicate that waste and inefficiency in their app portfolio negatively affect the business


of organizations recognize that their application rationalization programs have achieved a low or moderate degree of success to date

When done right, application rationalization can solve these challenges.

This comprehensive report reveals the most important factors to consider when conducting an application rationalization and provides key insight into how to achieve them.

Read now to explore:

  • Managing complexity
    Tackling disjointed IT landscapes, application sprawl, and lack of visibility.
  • Freeing up budget
    Top causes of wasted application spend and where you’ll enjoy the biggest savings in costs and employee time.
  • Prioritization
    Strategically planning actions and creating a workable application rationalization roadmap
  • Choosing the right partner
    Engaging with a best-of-breed solution vendor to ensure application rationalization success.
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