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LeanIX IT Cost Optimization Report 2023

Did you know that over 75% of organizations lose at least 10% of their IT budgets to unnecessary spending every year?

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This comprehensive survey report delves into the findings and answers key questions such as:

  • What causes the most unnecessary IT costs in enterprises?
  • Where are there avoidable costs – and what are the most significant hurdles to identifying and eliminating these costs?
  • Why are best practices for IT optimization often not used?
  • Why do so many organizations underestimate SaaS waste and unplanned cloud spend?
  • Why is collaboration between IT and business leaders so insufficient?

Better IT cost optimization strategies are more important than ever, especially with tightening budgets, inflation and long-term economic uncertainty. So, what are organizations doing to optimize IT costs, and where are they falling short?

In November and December 2022, LeanIX surveyed more than 150 of its international customers from a wide range of industries about their cost optimization initiatives and practices.

Take a deeper dive into the survey findings for valuable industry insight into the growing problem of wasted IT spend, where IT managers see the greatest potential for optimization, and what’s stopping them from achieving it.

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