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Integrate ITFM & Enterprise Architecture

With an out-of-the-box integration solution for LeanIX and Apptio.

  • The impact collaborative, data-driven tools make on IT management
  • Use cases for how the Apptio and LeanIX integration forms the link for end-to-end EA
  • How the out-of-the-box integration works, and what you can expect

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When your CEO and CFO look at technology spending, does it reflect a cost center or an innovation hub?

To succeed in today’s world of frenzied digitization, businesses need to remain innovative yet consistent, lean despite the simultaneous adoption and development of new technologies, and profitable in a sea of everchanging customer demands. One of the first things that gets lost in this complexity is visibility into how IT contributes to top-line growth, and bottom-line profitability.

Through a combination of enterprise architecture (EA) and IT financial management (ITFM), technology leaders can properly reflect the impact they have on influencing business outcomes.