Success Kit: Enterprise Architecture in Manufacturing

A step-by-step guide for the manufacturing industry on how to manage enterprise architecture programs. 

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The manufacturing industry stands to benefit by using the methodologies and frameworks of enterprise architecture (EA) to master digital transformation.

A discipline focused on improving IT visibility, EA offers streamlined ways to integrate technologies to support emerging business needs while optimizing internal processes, assets, and design workflows.

This can result in specific advantages for EAs and CIOs alike in the areas of cost reduction and risk management during the digitization of smart factories and the expansion of customer-centric production models.

In this free white paper, you will learn:

  • What digital transformation and trends impact the manufacturing industry
  • Why data-driven enterprise architecture is key to the success of digital transformation
  • How manufacturers can leverage EA and avoid common EA pitfalls
  • How manufacturers can prioritize their EA journey, win over the key stakeholders, and ensure continuous EA success

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