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SaaS Management Survey 2021

An international study on the state of SaaS adoption and management in organizations.

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SaaS Management Survey 2021
  • The challenges of SaaS management for enterprise architects
  • The benefits and use of dedicated SaaS management platforms
  • Centralized decision-making regarding SaaS procurement
  • The rate of SaaS adoption in organizations


Still early days for SaaS management in companies

In July and August 2021, LeanIX surveyed EAs from around the world. The survey focused on the state of SaaS management in their organizations. In total, 105 companies chosen from the global LeanIX customer portfolio participated in the online survey. Two-thirds of the participants were from Europe and a further 30% from the US, and the companies surveyed represented a variety of different industries.

The study sought to answer a number of questions:

What is the share of SaaS in the overall IT landscape and how much has this share grown? How is SaaS purchased? Which SaaS-related challenges do EAs face in their daily work? And the most important question: How is SaaS managed and who in the company is responsible for it?