Future-ready IT: Plan, build and run an application modernization road map

With enterprise architecture (EA), you can make ongoing modernization part of your organization's DNA


Application modernization is the process of updating and transforming older software applications to align with newer software development and deployment approaches. Companies that can continuously transform and modernize their applications will have a significant advantage in ever-changing global markets.

But application modernization involves a multi-step process that can seem overwhelming – especially if you lack deep insight into your enterprise architecture.

Luckily, we designed SAP LeanIX to drive and support your application modernization efforts every step of the way. Our on-demand expert webinar reveals how to use EA and SAP LeanIX to create an actionable modernization roadmap and implement ongoing modernization into the future. Learn how you can:

  • Classify all applications with the AWS 6R Framework – Retain, Replace, Rehost, Re- platform, Re-architect, Retire
  • Map all dependencies between applications and components
  • Plan your app modernization with a sequential wave-based approach
  • Track progress and KPIs with intuitive reports and visualizations
  • Model various scenarios and determine the impact of different modernization actions

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