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Use Case

SaaS Discovery and Catalog

Automated SaaS discovery and catalog is the first, critical step towards establishing complete transparency over your SaaS estate. It also lays the foundation for effective SaaS Management.

Story Background

SaaS applications are easy to access and deploy. In fact, employees can subscribe to SaaS applications and start using them without any involvement of IT. This may promote organizational agility, but it also makes it hard to keep track of your rapidly growing SaaS portfolio.

LeanIX SaaS Management Platform (SMP) helps your business create a complete inventory of your SaaS applications. It also empowers you to track usage, monitor licensing contracts, and ensure you get the most from your SaaS investment, without exposing yourself to costly risk.

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How SaaS Discovery Works

Find all the SaaS your company uses

  • Automate SaaS discovery through integration with a wide array of enterprise systems
  • Review the discovery results and evaluate your SaaS portfolio with an intuitive UI
  • Pull SaaS data into LeanIX SMP from any source using the Import API

Track all your SaaS applications in one place

  • Leverage a comprehensive catalog of over 10,000 applications to discover and obtain an up-to-date overview of your SaaS
  • Easy search functionality lets you quickly discover applications of same category, who owns what and how many applications, etc.
  • Receive automated alerts when new applications are added

Track SaaS usage to optimize spend

  • Discover all the information related to SaaS such as category, department, business owner, usage, spend, etc.
  • Track usage to identify underutilized applications
  • Make data-driven decisions to either improve adoption or decrease the number of licenses

Ensure SaaS Security and Governance

  • Document the security posture of each SaaS application and ensure compliance with your organization’s policies
  • Track application compliance with CCPA, GDPR, ISO 27001, PCI, and SOC2
  • Identify and address SaaS applications that are out of compliance or pose a security risk

Achieve a 10X ROI on your SMP investment

Tame your SaaS portfolio, minimize costs, ensure compliance, and enhance productivity with LeanIX SMP

Up to 50%

Increase in visibility of shadow-apps

Up to 30%

Reduction in YoY SaaS spend

Up to 30%

Increase in capex forecast accuracy


Return on SMP investment